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January 2023

Week 30th January - 3rd February 2023
On Monday we undertook an investigation in Science - dissecting owl pellets. Everyone was very excited to find actual bones in the pellets and couldn't believe that we could match them to the bone chart as they were so tiny.
We have started a new maths topic and are now working on addition within 20 today we revised our number bonds to 10. We are still working hard on our sounds in phonics and have really enjoyed learning how to play bingo with all the words we generate using the sounds we are practising.
Week 23rd-27th January 2023

This week we have started a new maths topic working with numbers from 0-20, we have been learning about the terminology of tens and ones and what this means in relation to numbers above 10. We have also been counting forward and backwards in tens. 


In English we have continued to write about Grandad, Syd and his island adventures. Everyone has had a go at writing dialogue between Grandad and Syd and using speech marks to show where someone is talking.


In Science we have continued to learn about animals and their habitats by going on a minibeast hunt in our forest school time. 


We have also continued with our theme in Art of watercolours and have created some lovely artwork, which we will be displaying at the end of this term in our cloakroom at school.  



Week 9th-13th January 2023
What a busy week Year 1 have had! 
In English we went on a pretend ship and learnt all about what it would feel like bobbing about in the sea, Mrs Maltby brought in her sailing clothes and we tried some of the items on!
We then wrote sentences about what it would be like and how we would feel.
In Maths we continued to work on shape and compared 2d and 3d shapes with one another. We then learnt lots of new vocabulary to do with shapes.
We have also looked at the Artist Emma Burleigh for some inspiration for our watercolour art work this term.
Week 3rd-6th January 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Shire class have settled back into class really well and are as enthusiastic as ever about their learning. 


This week we have been beginning our new English topic about Grandpa’s Island. We will be writing a story later in the term and in science we will be learning about animals to complete our topic about animals and humans.

We have had a lovely week so far.