Blog January 2018

Week 8th-12th January 2018
Welcome back and Happy New Year!
We have all come back to school refreshed and ready for a new term of hard work but exciting opportunities. 
We have begun our new topic of the Anglo-Saxons, looking at what it was like when the Romans left. We have begun by looking at Beowulf in our Literacy lessons and we will be writing our own version of this incredibly old story. We have also researched what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons and how this was different to the Romans. 
Week 12-19th January 2018
This week Year 3 have been focusing on mirroring within our PE lessons. We have started by doing simple movements that need to be copied and then giving signals to each other so that the movement is done at exactly the same time. We then moved on to jumping and mirroring a partner whilst they are jump. We even had to think about making the jump exactly the same. We had lots of fun doing this even though it was quite difficult.