Blog May 2017

3rd May

This week in Year 2 we have been learning new songs including ‘Touch the Sky’ – from the animated film Brave and a medely of gospel songs. We have also been using pictures of beverages to create different rhythmic patterns using claves.

During PE 

Aiden  “I enjoyed batting during kwik cricket.”

Selina  “I enjoyed being a backdrop when we played kwik cricket.”

Alex and Niamh W enjoyed bowling at the batters.

12th May
On 8th May Year 2 embarked on a science investigation in the classroom and the playground. We were looking at different objects, what materials they were made of and why those materials were suitable for their purpose.  We were lucky,  as it was a beautiful day too!

On Friday 12th May we were visited by the Fire Service. We had a talk about the Fire Engine and what the crew stored on board.  We then had a go operating the hose and walked through the cabin of the truck to see inside.  Rosie visited our class in the afternoon and talked to us about fire safety. She read us a story that told us what to do in the event of a fire and we then practiced a fire safety drill.  Year 2 loved it! They had lots of questions and will be reminding you to check your smoke alarms!


PE on Wednesday 10/5/17 – Kwik Cricket

We were in groups of four and practiced what we had learnt last week.

Ben enjoyed the batting best.

Niamh W enjoyed being backstop.

Alex enjoyed bowling at the batsman.

Niamh B enjoyed being in our groups and trying to hit the stumps taking it in turns to bowl overarm.