Science Club

5th May
This week in Science Club we have made bridges using paper to see which method of attaching the paper is the strongest. We have all worked hard as teams and all have very different ideas about what will work.

5th February 2016

This week we have made a rocket like the one Tim Peake went to space inside of. We then had a competition to see who could fly their rocket the furthest. 


29th January 2016

This week we used spaghetti and marshmallows to construct towers. We then measured the towers to see who could build the highest one. We discussed which ways were the best to make the tower tall. 


22nd January 2016

In Science club this week we have looked at floating and sinking. We made rafts in a group and were only allowed to use 10 lolly sticks and had to secure them with masking tape or string. We all had different ideas about which raft would be the best. All of our rafts floated, some started to sink after being in the water. It was great fun!