Blog July 2017

5th July
The children are enjoying their last few weeks of Reception and are doing well preparing for Yr 1. On Thursday they had a super day looking at different ways of learning and loved being in the new classroom. They have been talking about looking forward to swimming next year with their class friends and learning new subjects like science!
Next Friday we have our beach trip so we will be thinking about what we may see and do on our special visit. We will be discussing journeys on trains and looking after the environment. On Monday 17th we are having an "under the sea" themed party where children can dress up in home clothes. Lunch time will be as normal but if anyone would like to bring in some party food for the class to share at snack time then that would be greatly appreciated.
Some children are looking a little tired as we come towards the end of term so don't be surprised if you are seeing a little more emotion than usual. It is to be expected and the reception team are aware of this.
14th July
What a great week we have had as we head towards the end of term. We have had a violin assembly, visitors talking about road safety, a thank you squash and cake party with our Yr 4 buddies and a trip to Weymouth beach. We loved the train journey and had a wonderful time with our friends playing different games in the sand. We even had time for an ice cream before we headed back happy but exhausted from all of the fun