Gardening Club

March 2017
Have you seen the crocuses in the Remberance Garden ?  They have kindly been donated by Janet Hewitt and the Rotary Club.  The purple crocuses  are to raise awareness for polio.  They are looking gorgeous too!
Gardening Club meets on Thursdays after school and is for Years 3 and 4.  
We enjoy growing new plants and vegetables.  We love taking good care of them!  Each week we check the grounds making sure that everything is healthy and growing well.  A couple of us have the huge task of watering daily especially our crops in the poly tunnel.  
We were given some sunflower seeds.  We have nurtured them for quite a while and now they are strong enough to plant outside.  We are going to find homes for them around the school so look out for those.  One grandparent gave us some tomato plants and we are waiting for the first tomatoes to appear.
If you have a surplus of any plants or vegetables please think of Gardening Club.  We would love to have them.