Blog November 2017

30th October - 3rd November 2017
Welcome back!
We have had a very busy first week back in Reception with lots of interesting and lovely things happening!
Well done to Tommy who achieved citizen of the week always striving to learn. 
On Tuesday we had a visitor from the NSPCC who came to talk to the children about keeping safe who to talk to if you need help. On Thursday we had a visitor from the Lyme Bay Marine Reserve to talk to us about sustainable fishing, the types of marine life found in the bay and how we can help to protect our environment. On a slight side note may I just briefly say how proud I was with the way that the children remembered to put up their hand if they had a question and to sit beautifully for our guests. Well done Reception!
In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds 'g' and 'o' we identified things that begin with those sounds and read some words containing them. To help at home: Look around for the letters and see how many you can spot, try writing the letters (particularly 'g' it is a little tricky for them!)
In Maths this week we have started to look at one more and one less using Numicon. This children have done brilliantly with this but it is a tricky concept so at home you can help by counting some objects with your child and then asking them to find one more or one less. 
Our Topic this term is Seasons and Celebrations we are starting with looking at Autumn and finding signs that the season has changed using our senses. Can you go for a walk and find signs of Autumn? ​
We have been exploring the new activities in the classroom including having lots of fun in the make your own playdough area and the mud kitchen!
Next week: We will be starting our work on Bonfire Night and ask if each child can bring in a cardboard tube (i.e. toilet roll or kitchen towel).
6th-10th November 2017
Another week has flown by and all I can say is WOW! I am so impressed with how well the children are doing in all aspects of their learning. Congratulations to Beau this week for becoming our Citizen of the Week. Beau you are becoming a very proactive learner and very keen to show the adults what you are learning about. 
This week in phonics we have learnt 'c' 'k' and 'u' we have learnt how to read and write the letters and even began putting them  into sounds! In our Literacy this week we have been looking at the story It Was a Cold, Dark Night. a story about a little hedgehog named Ned who is trying to find a safe, snuggly home before winter. To help at home: Look on Tapestry for photos of the story, the children are learning to tell the story using actions so please read the story with them encouraging them to show you the actions. 
In our number work this week we have been really focusing on numbers up to 20 and counting them VERY carefully. We have then been trying to find one more or one less independently. To help at home: Keep finding groups of objects, ask your child to count them carefully and then ask can you tell me one more/less? 
For our topic work this week we have been very creative building homes for Ned the hedgehog, making animal leaf pictures, hedgehogs using clay and sticks as well as finding out about hedgehogs and how they live in the wild. 
Please Remember: Next week is the Flu Immunisation- Please make sure you have handed in your form. 
Also please check on Tapestry for your child's Next Steps- this is a personal target that they have decided they would like to get better at. Please support them with this at home!
Many thanks 
Miss Libby
13th-17th November 2017
Another busy week had by all in Reception! Our new Citizen of the Week is Layla, well done for being a very courteous caterpillar- so polite and kind to everybody! 
In Maths this week we have been brilliant addition experts learning how to combine two groups to find the total. To help at home: please see Tapestry for home learning challenge. 
In phonics we have learnt the sounds f and e although we still need a bit more practise forming the letters! In Literacy we have been looking at the story of It Was a Cold, Dark Night and introducing new characters. To help at home: please work on forming the letters we have learnt so far ready for us to start writing words. 
m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e. 
In our Topic work this week we have been finding out about hedgehogs and how they live. We have also been finishing our fireworks and leaf animals. 
A kind request: your children are doing some brilliant things at home and it would be lovely if we could see more replies, observations and notes being posted on Tapestry by family members. It would also be appreciated if you could respond to posts created whilst they are at school. Your children are so proud of their learning and it would be great to know it has been shared with you. 
Next week: we will be starting a new branch of our topic. C ****m a s. So please be ready for some excited children! 
Many thanks and hope everyone returns after the weekend fit and healthy! 
Miss Libby