Blog January 2018

Week 15-19th January 2018
Well done to Louisa for being our Citizen of the Week this week. You showed great determination and perseverance whilst getting changed for PE! 
This week in phonics we have learnt the ay and ee sound and we have been practising reading words with the sound and writing words. Can you find any words with the ay & ee sounds at home? 
In Maths we have focused on counting and recognising teen numbers. We have come up with some counting tips such as point to the object you are counting and put large quantities into lines for easier counting. To help at home see if you can complete the maths challenge on Tapestry. 
Our Topic- On the Farm is giving us lots of opportunities to learn about different aspects of farm life. We have written What am I? riddles for our buddy to solve and we have been learning the story of The Little red Hen. 
Lots of children have been completing the classroom challenges this week and it is very exciting to have given so many Move Ups! Keep it up everybody :-)
Next Week: 22nd January at 5:30 we will be having a meeting for all reception parents to attend. It will be an informative session regarding phonics, reading at home, maths and our new workshops we will be doing. 
Hope to see you there!
Miss Libby